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Casa Guantanamera in perfect condition after hurricane Irma hit Cuba.


casa havana cuba

Hurricane Irma has hit Cuba, its inhabitants, her capital city Havana and our house Guantanamera.
But they are quiet alright, also our hostess Nairobis and our family are healthy.
The house is in perfect condition.
There is hot water and electricity for the airco. The first guests arrive again tomorrow.

Unfortunately, a plant in the patio did collapse by the hard rain.
The conditions in the tourist center of Havana are reasonably good for circumstances.
The seawater has penetrated the city from the sea boulevard, the Malecon almost 500 meters.
Most of the water is gone now and the people are working to get rid of mud, etc.
The government is working hard to connect the houses to electricity and water.
Some areas are supplied with water by tankers.

If you want to go to Cuba, that will be possible quite fast.
Do not go to Varadero or any of the resorts in the northeastern area.
You choose the best for Havana and a trip (by car) to Viñales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

The negative travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland is a good advice. There is no insecurity, everything is under control.
However, there are some protests in the street of people asking for reconnection
on water and electricity.
Wait a few time to travel to Cuba, but within two weeks, we think, the conditions
are quite normal again.
Then choose for a flight to Havana because the accessibility of the airport in
Varadero is still problematic. We give you later an update about the conditions.