The house


The house

It is an old Spanish colonial house “Guantanamera,” completely restored in the old colonial style. With an eye for detail. The house have high walls, ceilings, doors and frames with original glassware. With modern elements for your comfort: a bathroom wit hot water, air conditioning, 110 and 220 V, complete kitchen (equipment) with hot water. Repainted (2016) Comfortable!

The name

The house is named after Joseite Fernandez. He was the original author of the world famous song “Guantanamera” Joseite lived until his death in the street Gervasio, nearby our home. In his house, is a small but nice museum.

Amount of people

Our house can accommodate up to four people. There are two bedrooms with in each a double bed. We supply towels, sheets, soap and so on.


Nairobis and our family will help you to find your way in Havana. We take care, if you wish, of everything (washing, ironing, meals, transportation and excursions). You decide what you want to do in your holiday. We help you out.

The neighbourhood

The house is in a quiet working-class neighborhood of Havana. Aa fifteen minute walk from Parc Central with the Capitolio. Ten minutes walk from the promenade, the Malecon. Open the doors  to the street, sit down in the rocking chair, take a cold beer or a delicious Cuba libre, and look and walk to outside.The Cuban (social) life and rolls on you passed. It’s whether you are in a film set sits with: old American cars, Russian Ladas, vendors of vegetables, fruit, bread, etc., and especially the melting pot of colorful mensen. At 50 meters down the street Salud is an excellent restaurant (Flor de Lota ) Mimosa and a pizzeria with great pizzas. Shopping center (Carlos III) ten minutes walk from the houses. Delicious Heerlijk fresh fruits are for sale on almost any street corner. Three churches (Catholic and protestans) close to the house with services at sundays.

Transport facilities

If you like to explore Havana on foot, you hear and see more. You get in touch with the people and you will see people exercising professions we do not know anymore. Cubans do not throw anything away, all things are repaired or gerecylcled for a new life or gebruik.Bicitaxi are available around the corner. Down the street are two reliable taxi drivers. They bring you within five minutes with their Lada at your destiny at a nice price. The pickup location for the ‘the lineas’ (the lines driven by authentic cars), towards Vedado, La Rampa and Habana Vieja is nearby.


Take up cash note from your country (if you can euros) and exchange them here in the local currency (CUC). In the street Belascoin (100 meters away from the house) is a Cadeca, currency exchange. One dollar is less than one CUC  because they charge you a penalty of 10%. Also buy some cup (Pesos Cubanos). It allows you to buy cheap fruit, a cup of espresso coffee for 1 peso or a tasty (ham and cheese) pizza on the street. Moreover, be careful with eating tents, kiosks, etc. street. The hygiene is Cuba’s different than we are used to in our (Western) world. Do not take risks because diarrhea is not fun. Also, be careful with eating homemade ice or tap water. Our advice is take well water which is available in bottles of 0.5 liter and 5 liter bottles. The filtered water from our plant in the kitchen is of course safe.


Additional charge may be purchased for services (meals, drinks, laundry, transportation, excursions and meals). We provide at attractive rates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A full breakfast with delicious fresh fruit awaits for you in the morning. And in the evening you can enjoy criollo dishes that are a real delight. Dishes with chicken, beef, pork, fish or vegetarian. Enjoy without moderation in this particular area. Sit mainly back and surrender to the intense experience of Cuba, climate, music and delicious chilled Cubans. Cuba is a very safe country, but do not take risks and keep your valuables safe in our home. All doors have good locks.

House rules

We expect our tenants carefully handle the property and belongings in the house and no (sound) give nuisance to the environment. You need permission to not pre-registered guests staying in the house. We have a good feeling that you want to comply with these rules. We work on the basis of trust. You can smoke in the open patio of the house or on the street. Smoking in enclosed spaces of the house is not allowed. We require a deposit for rental of the house. You will only deposit if there is damage caused by your fault.

Your stay in the Caribbean

This requires that you are aware, are prepared and takes into account stay in the Tropics. Be aware and prepared that your stay in the tropes demands adjustment from you and your body. Attention points are: the intense sun, vaccines against disease and personal hygiene. Take care with food at  kiosks etc. on the street. The hygiene is Cuba is different from that we are used to in our (Western) world. Do not take risks because stomach pain is not fun. Also beware of eating homemade icecream or tap water. Our advice is to take spring water that is available in bottles of 0.5 liter to 5 liter.

But above all, lean back and pass on to the intense experience of Cuba, the climate, the music (salsa everywhere) and the deliciously relaxed Cubans.


Cuba is an extremely safe country, but do not take risks and keep your valuables safe in our home. All doors are provided with good locks and there is a safe where you can store your passport, etc. Do not walk with a big camera in sight or a lot of jewelry on the streets at night.

Internet / wifi

There is no internet in the house, nowhere in Cuba legal. The Internet is not a publicly accessible facility, and therefore not allowed. There are now some experimental shows in some neighborhoods in Havana with the internet, but it has not been rolled out yet. But we are working on it. Wifi is available in a lot of places. Legally in a number of parks, such as at the San Rafael and Parc Central boulevard. You can buy a ticket from Etecsa at the location (for local people) for 3 CUC for internet connection over one hour. In some streets there are also illegal wifi login options. You pay 1 CUC and you are logged in to the local network for one hour.

Two bicycles

If you want, you can explore Havana by bike. We have two bikes available for you. So please ask. Biking is worthwhile. Traffic takes care of pedestrians. You need to pay attention to the pits in the road and giving priority to crossings. You can find your way with apps like MAPS.ME with the additional offline Cuba card that you can download at home.