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The availability

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The calender

The house is rented at the indicated periods on the calendar.
During the other, free periods the house is still available and can be hired.
Please contact us for the security by the booking form, our phone or e-mail.
The calendar is updated daily before 11.00 local time pm.
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The rental period

The minimum rental period is two consecutive days.

Rental rates

The rent per night for the house varies depending on the season:
Prices for booking by 1 or 2 persons:

May 2020             €49
June 2020             € 49
July  2020             € 53
August   2020       € 53
September 2020   € 49
October 2020       € 49
November 2020    € 49
December 2020    € 53

For each person extra, a night € 10
Includes final cleaning and free breakfast at the first morning.
Please click here if you have any questions.