Cuba safe opened


From November 15, 2021, Cuba will receive tourists again. Casas particulares, hotels, restaurants, museums and shops are open. Condition is wearing a mouthcap on the streets and also in shops etc.

Conditions COVID-19.

The usual conditions apply, such as being fully vaccinated and submitting international vaccination certificate (the printed paper version). For those not or not fully vaccinated need a negative PCR test, taken within 72 hours before boarding the aircraft. Upon arrival, a self-declaration must be completed with personal information, also about health. That is the model 82-33-02. Named: ‘Control Sanitario Internacional.’ And can be uploaded through the internet. We can provide them if you wish. The Cuban authorities can also require at vaccinated travelers a PCR test on arrival! For example, with travelers from high-risk countries. Quarantine provisions have been abolished in Cuba. There is a mandatory mouth cap on the street, in shops, etc. Compliance is strictly checked. But use your common sense.


Check which visa you need to enter Cuba. In general, a completed tourist visa is required which you will usually receive from your reorganization or airline at the airport of departure. You can also purchase it locally.

Proof of insurance

Well before you leave, ask your health insurance company for an English proof of insurance for the period that you are staying in Cuba.


The cup (peso) is legal tender. You can exchange that for your euros or dollars at the Cadeca (money exchange office). The official rate is 25 pesos for 1 dollar. The course in the parallel circuit is higher. If you want to use it, we will take care of that for you in a safe way.

Stay in casa Havana – casa Guantanamera

Stay here is completely coronasafe. The relatives caring for you have been vaccinated three or four times. They wear mouthcaps and keep their distance. Additional cleaning is provided. Disinfection gel is available at home. Mouthcaps are available (additional price).

Street art in Havana


In Havana, Cuba we know these different types of street art. Modern and old painted or pinched images on walls and houses. The oldest images are of the Cuban state and consist of revolutionary texts and images of the leaders of the revolutionary movement, such as: Fidel, Ché, José Marti. In recent years we have seen an increase in real street art, which comes from the inspiration of free spirits. Below you can see some examples of both expressions.What do you like most!

Will you join us too in casa Havana – casa Guantanamera?


Yes, why not? Many compatriots went before you and really enjoyed it. We now have a perfect offer for you. A nice price, on the first morning a nice breakfast for free and of course our bikes – free – are at your disposal. Two beautiful MTBs, a smaller one and a larger one. Cycling is safe in Havana. The traffic takes good care of you. If you prefer to opt for an old-timer, yes its is possible? Russian made!

casa havana cuba

Casa Havana likes Ernesto


And you? El Che is still present in Cuba fifty years after his death. You can find it on murals and on signs with revolutionary propaganda. At T-shirts and all kinds of other tourist knick-knacks feature the portrait of El Che, often with the famous photo of Alberto Korda. Men’s and women’s bodies are decorated here with tattoos of their hero.

For many Cubans, Che was the only real revolutionary and their symbol of the struggle for justice (la lucha). He stood for a society without classes and exploitation. He did not want to make any concessions. After the revolution, under his leadership, Batista supporters (the deposed president and vassal of America) were shot dead in the fort La Cabana without a decent process. His and Fidel’s determination almost led to a nuclear war between USZ and the former Soviet Union, when the Russian, with permission from Cuba, stationed missiles on the island.

El Che had to pay the price for his ideals with his death in Bolivia (1967). His body and that of his Cuban comrades lies in the impressive mausoleum of Villa (Santa) Clara.

Two bikes in casa Havana – casa Guantanamera


Did you know that we have two bicycles available for our guests? Two MTBs. A large one and a small one.
If you rent our house, you can use it free of charge.
Cycling in Havana is not dangerous. The traffic takes good account of you.
Make sure you avoid the holes in the road.
And of course, lock your bike. Havana is extremely safe, but you should not ask ‘the gods, of course.’ Have fun!

Travel Advice Foreign Affairs The Netherlands attenuated


The travel advice for Cuba has been adapted and attenuated.
To the west and a significant part of the east of Cuba, including: Havana, Trinidad, Viñales / Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, there are no restrictions to travel.
However, the advice is to pay attention to your safety. But that principle of course always applies on holiday?
However, there are limitations to the Northern Territory, including a number of resorts, with Varadero and Mantanzas.
Flying on Varadero is not possible yet. Arrival and departure at Havana can be done.
See also accompanying card.

Foreign Affairs Advice of the Netherlands told us as following:

Information in advance

  • Cuba is currently struggling with the effects of Hurricane Irma.
    Travel only if necessary to the middle and northern coast of Cuba.
  • You remain responsible for your safety and decision to travel or not. Read the full travel advice.
  • Travel only if necessary to the northern coastline of the provinces of Camagüey, Ciego de Avila, Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara and Matanzas. These were severely affected by hurricane Irma. The city of Havana and the international airport are not included in these areas. Parts of the capital Havana still struggle with the effects of hurricane. Food and drinking water facilities are limited. Many areas, especially on the northern coast, are regularly without electricity. Contact your travel agency about the situation in which you travel. Take enough cash with you.

If you need more information, please contact us

Casa Guantanamera in perfect condition after hurricane Irma hit Cuba.


casa havana cuba

Hurricane Irma has hit Cuba, its inhabitants, her capital city Havana and our house Guantanamera.
But they are quiet alright, also our hostess Nairobis and our family are healthy.
The house is in perfect condition.
There is hot water and electricity for the airco. The first guests arrive again tomorrow.

Unfortunately, a plant in the patio did collapse by the hard rain.
The conditions in the tourist center of Havana are reasonably good for circumstances.
The seawater has penetrated the city from the sea boulevard, the Malecon almost 500 meters.
Most of the water is gone now and the people are working to get rid of mud, etc.
The government is working hard to connect the houses to electricity and water.
Some areas are supplied with water by tankers.

If you want to go to Cuba, that will be possible quite fast.
Do not go to Varadero or any of the resorts in the northeastern area.
You choose the best for Havana and a trip (by car) to Viñales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

The negative travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland is a good advice. There is no insecurity, everything is under control.
However, there are some protests in the street of people asking for reconnection
on water and electricity.
Wait a few time to travel to Cuba, but within two weeks, we think, the conditions
are quite normal again.
Then choose for a flight to Havana because the accessibility of the airport in
Varadero is still problematic. We give you later an update about the conditions.

Information about hurricane Irma


There is a new hurricane in the Caribbean.
It’s a girl called Irma.
Perhaps you know that the first name of a hurricane is alternately chosen a boy name and a girl name.
We have known beforehand whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl.
How lovely their names may sound, they hurt and molest a lot.
Irma, Sandy, Katrina, Ike were strong and directed a lot of damage.

A hurricane has a wind force of Beaufort 12+.
They only thrive in a delicious tropical water of 26 degrees.
Therefore, we will not get to hurricane as quickly in Europe.
Scientists have seen a relationship between the warming up
of the earth and the appearance of hurricanes.
We hope Irma stays away. We can miss her as a toothache.


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