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Welcome at Casa Havana – Casa Guantanamera – Cuba

Colonial house (1890) for a perfect holiday in Havana with culture, history, salsa and nice Cubans! Program US residents support Cuban people available.

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Casa Havana, Casa Guantanamera, privacy in Havana

The house is fully available for you during the rental period. You get the key of the front door. There is nobody else in the house. Therefore you will have all the privacy during your stay in Havana.

The staff welcomes you in Havana!

Our hostess Nairobis (she speaks English) welcomes you. Our nephew Rudy arranges your transportation.

Our family (Saily and Jaquelin) take care of the  interim cleaning in the house, in consultation with you. Lilian and Liliane will serve you a nice breakfast with fresh fruit, or cook a fine (criollo) dinner with meat, chicken or fish.

A safe house in a safe land

Although Cuba is an extremely safe country, casa Havana – casa Guantanamera is provided with good locks and there is (lockable) railing for windows and doors.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text size=”0″]

Casa Havana – casa Guantanamera, your exclusive colonial casa

Our Spanish colonial house (1890) in Centro Habana, Calle Gervasio, has been restored in three years while retaining the authentic elements and introducing modern comfort.

See, hear, feel and taste in Havana

Through the front patio doors you have contact with the street and thus with the atmosphere of the vibrant neighborhood of Centro Habana. Venters with vegetables, bread, etc. will pass you over. Music, especially salsa is everywhere. You see, especially in the street Salud, occupations that we do not have anymore.

Casa Guantananamera is ideally the place for people who love to experience the Caribbean atmosphere. To hear and dance salsa.  To enjoy the Cuban cuisine (criollo). With the biketaxi, cocotaxi or the classic American car from 1957 cruising through the narrow  streets.

All your senses are stimulated here. Taste, smell, listen, watch and enjoy especially without measure!

You are living amongst the Cubans

You live in our neighborhood, in the street Gervasio, between the Cubans and not between tourists. Friendly people who want to know where you are from (De donde eres usted?) That makes your stay very special. Colour locale!

The house is beautifully central located. Within walking distance of Habana-vieja (Parc Central, Obispo, Capitolio), the seafront Malecon. Vedado within 5 minutes with the linea (car).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text size=”0″]

Casa Havana – casa Guantanamera in colonial style, but modern

Our home has the atmosphere of Havana over 100 years ago. The high walls and ceilings (5.20 m.) with wooden beams and narrow high doors (3,10 m.) are characteristic and give a sense of space.

Due to the high ceilings, the heat is rapidly removed. The house has a special light through the front windows in combination with the light that enters the patio (courtyard). The lamps in house provide a romantic atmosphere at night.

A comfortable and fully furnished casa

For your comfort there are modern amenities (air conditioning in the bedrooms, 220 volts, hot water, comfortable beds, kitchen facilities).
The house is suitable for use by disabled people. There is only ground floor.

A lot of space, especially for you, our guests

Casa Havana – casa Guantanamera has the following rooms: two salons with rocking chairs and sofa, a kitchen/diningroom with hot water, two bedrooms each with a double bed, a bathroom with shower (hot water), toilet, sink and a small patio with plants and equipped with a washing machine. Very comfortable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]