Two bikes in casa Havana – casa Guantanamera


Did you know that we have two bicycles available for our guests? Two MTBs. A large one and a small one.
If you rent our house, you can use it free of charge.
Cycling in Havana is not dangerous. The traffic takes good account of you.
Make sure you avoid the holes in the road.
And of course, lock your bike. Havana is extremely safe, but you should not ask ‘the gods, of course.’ Have fun!

Casa Havana – Casa Guantanamera, a quiet place in a vibrant city


While staying in Havana, casa Guantanamera is a great accommodation. You feel your part of the city because you are in the middle of busy downtown Havana. However, you do not notice much at night because the bedrooms are in the back of the house. We are welcomed at the agreed time and we felt also welcome. The family who cares for the house is nice and helpful. The breakfast was well taken care of and after that the dishes were even done. That sometimes there is no gas or electricity at Havana city, but it is usually solved quickly. In short, staying in this house feels like a resting place in a vibrant city. And if you did not have time for your holiday to go to the hairdresser, you can go to the barbershop across the street.

Ellie and Teun, The Netherlands

Travel Advice Foreign Affairs The Netherlands attenuated


The travel advice for Cuba has been adapted and attenuated.
To the west and a significant part of the east of Cuba, including: Havana, Trinidad, Viñales / Pinar del Rio, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, there are no restrictions to travel.
However, the advice is to pay attention to your safety. But that principle of course always applies on holiday?
However, there are limitations to the Northern Territory, including a number of resorts, with Varadero and Mantanzas.
Flying on Varadero is not possible yet. Arrival and departure at Havana can be done.
See also accompanying card.

Foreign Affairs Advice of the Netherlands told us as following:

Information in advance

  • Cuba is currently struggling with the effects of Hurricane Irma.
    Travel only if necessary to the middle and northern coast of Cuba.
  • You remain responsible for your safety and decision to travel or not. Read the full travel advice.
  • Travel only if necessary to the northern coastline of the provinces of Camagüey, Ciego de Avila, Sancti Spíritus, Villa Clara and Matanzas. These were severely affected by hurricane Irma. The city of Havana and the international airport are not included in these areas. Parts of the capital Havana still struggle with the effects of hurricane. Food and drinking water facilities are limited. Many areas, especially on the northern coast, are regularly without electricity. Contact your travel agency about the situation in which you travel. Take enough cash with you.

If you need more information, please contact us

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