Cuba safe opened


From November 15, 2021, Cuba will receive tourists again. Casas particulares, hotels, restaurants, museums and shops are open. Condition is wearing a mouthcap on the streets and also in shops etc.

Conditions COVID-19.

The usual conditions apply, such as being fully vaccinated and submitting international vaccination certificate (the printed paper version). For those not or not fully vaccinated need a negative PCR test, taken within 72 hours before boarding the aircraft. Upon arrival, a self-declaration must be completed with personal information, also about health. That is the model 82-33-02. Named: ‘Control Sanitario Internacional.’ And can be uploaded through the internet. We can provide them if you wish. The Cuban authorities can also require at vaccinated travelers a PCR test on arrival! For example, with travelers from high-risk countries. Quarantine provisions have been abolished in Cuba. There is a mandatory mouth cap on the street, in shops, etc. Compliance is strictly checked. But use your common sense.


Check which visa you need to enter Cuba. In general, a completed tourist visa is required which you will usually receive from your reorganization or airline at the airport of departure. You can also purchase it locally.

Proof of insurance

Well before you leave, ask your health insurance company for an English proof of insurance for the period that you are staying in Cuba.


The cup (peso) is legal tender. You can exchange that for your euros or dollars at the Cadeca (money exchange office). The official rate is 25 pesos for 1 dollar. The course in the parallel circuit is higher. If you want to use it, we will take care of that for you in a safe way.

Stay in casa Havana – casa Guantanamera

Stay here is completely coronasafe. The relatives caring for you have been vaccinated three or four times. They wear mouthcaps and keep their distance. Additional cleaning is provided. Disinfection gel is available at home. Mouthcaps are available (additional price).

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